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  • NATROX® receives Health Canada regulatory approval

    Inotec AMD is pleased to announce that NATROX Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen Therapy has received Health Canada regulatory approval.

    With approval now in hand, Inotec AMD, in partnership with our Canadian national distributor The Stevens Company, will be launching NATROX into the Canadian wound and skin care marketplace. In addition to patient evaluations currently being set up in the Acute Care, Home Care and Long Term Care sectors across Canada, further research on NATROX is also being initiated.

    Following on the heels of our participation in March at the RQSP (Regroupement Quebecois en Soins de Plaies) Conference in the province of Quebec, NATROX will now participate at this year’s Canadian Association of Enterostomal Therapists conference at the end of May 2015.

    Canada’s first patient on NATROX was initiated last month in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and the company is extremely excited at the prospect of moving forward in this highly academic market, helping patients with the healing of their wounds and in their quality of life.